Bitnotes #1

draw your camera : Kyocera SL400R

A few little bite size updates of what we’ve been up to.

We started off with Prem & Matt working on a funding bid with a startup partner. The plan is to build a live data visualisation dashboard to assist with public health, amongst other things. Fingers crossed.


We’re super excited that BrightWorks has now launched. It’s a web app that helps a community of volunteers complete tiny tasks for charities. It was created with and for Bright One, the volunteer-run communications agency. In tandem, we’ve released the open source task engine, Tasket, which is the oomph behind BrightWorks. Read more about here:

We’ve started on a few little titbits of work: JavaScript programming for a smartphone game with Matchbox Mobile (watch this space), and we’ve been planning the second round of development for a web/mobile app for NetDev to augment real-time communications and group collaboration, something of an exposition of the virtues of HTML5 (erm, watch this space!).

BBC World Service: site launch

Pete started working with Dharmafly, initially helping with all those important but not urgent things that end up just aching to be done. Job number one: fix a bug that popped up in our old BBC Bangladesh River Journey web app. We needed to re-implement our use of an undocumented Google Maps feature (oh ho, always a risk, but it seemed so clever at the time) – a little hack to let us shift the map balloons outside of the actual map. Fixed. Sorted. Next task…

We’ve been migrating the source code of our older client projects from Unfuddle to GitHub. (You can follow our public projects at Some of my code libraries at will also be moved there). Lashings and lashings of git-svn and copy-paste-copy-paste along the way.

I went along to The Guardian to join a hack day for HP’s new TouchPad tablet (an interesting alternative to the iPad that uses web standard technologies for creating native apps). Working in a team with Andrea and Sym, we won the competition with a prototype app for exploring live web content (such as news, reviews and photos) about any place on earth.

It is part magazine, part feed reader and lets the reader swipe and slide the magazine in any direction to shift the geographical location that the magazine’s content represents. You can read more about it here or play with the browser-based demo.

That’s it. Remember, you can follow our future posts in your feed reader, or by email or on Twitter.

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