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2012 and All That

Node.js Lab Day

“Node.js Lab Day”, at L4RP

This year has felt downright seminal since it started. Against the backdrop of a Mayan prophecy for the new social cycle, the Arab Spring, Occupy, the (sometimes unmentionable) triumphant Olympic Games and the ensuing breakdown of the Eurozone and who knows what else… things are also changing for us, albeit in significantly less dramatic ways. Read More »

Bitnotes #2

Some bitnotes of these times…

The JavaScript Jungle

The JavaScript Jungle

As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, we organised two “hack nights” at our ‘Async’ JavaScript meetup group. Async is an open community of JavaScript enthusiasts, with sessions twice a month at The Skiff in Brighton. Read More »

Bitnotes #1

draw your camera : Kyocera SL400R

A few little bite size updates of what we’ve been up to.
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