Cutting edgyness

We design and develop cutting-edge web applications for desktop and mobile. We are based in Brighton, UK and Coimbra, Portugal.

We are experts in JavaScript, Node.js and social design and have won awards for our work from the BBC, Yahoo, Sony, Hewlett-Packard and UnLtd.

Dharmafly is run by Prem Rose, who is also available for freelance development and consultancy.

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Recently possible technology

Our apps come in all shapes and sizes, from large-scale interactive websites to the tiniest of widgets. They are tools to help people discover, collect, organise and collaborate. They stay faithful to the purpose of the product. The user’s needs are paramount.

Aside from our work with clients, we release open source software and teach what we have learned, founding Brighton’s technology meetup Async, the learning space Lab for the Recently Possible and other initiatives.

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Great and small

It’s easy to do good work when the core concept is strong and the mission makes a real impact, whatever the size of the project.

We have worked with the BBC World Service for seven years on a collection of interactive web apps to engage their global community with world news and conversations.
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We devised and built a simple, yet powerful, data visualisation for Participle to track the social impact of their innovative community welfare projects.
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