Learning to Code

Learn To Code workshop

We had a beautiful Coding For Humans day at the Lab for the Recently Possible last week. Ten people came for the day to learn how to create websites and web apps, with little or no experience beforehand. Amongst them were designers, writers, an event manager, animator, PR freelancer and geographical mapping expert. And boy did they do incredibly well! By the end of the day, people had created their first web app – a kind of interactive post-it stickies app.

Tom and Pete, working with me on the training, did a great job of explaining what can seem like pretty tough concepts as simply as sticking Lego together (well, almost). And a big shout out to Nest cafe, who laid on a gorgeous Mediterranean spread for lunch.

We’re next teaching the Learn To Code workshop in July. (If you’re an earlybird, you might catch a discount).

We also have a workshop dedicated to teaching JavaScript From Scratch, as well as one on data visualisation and on getting creative with money. See you over there!