Lab for the Recently Possible: now in Brighton’s North Laine

In the Lab

The Lab for the Recently Possible is open again, in a beautiful, light and leafy home in Brighton’s North Laine, and we have a whole set of new events starting up. Come along, or tell a friend.

In our first four workshops, you can learn to code (in a day), learn JavaScript (from scratch), learn how to build data visualisations — and learn how to be more creative with money.

This new incarnation of The Lab is still taking shape. So please get involved.

We want to host workshops that teach the most potent, useful cutting-edge technologies in a friendly, clear and simple way. And we want to bring experimental art, social movements and personal development under one roof. And get people involved and talking to each other, connecting and collaborating.

So, if you’re interested and want to stay in touch, sign up for our mailing list or follow @L4RP on Twitter. And if you want to put on a workshop – or anything else – get in touch.

In the Lab


Thurs 16th May, 6-10pm ish. Add yourself on Lanyrd

Come and welcome the Lab for the Recently Possible to its new location at the heart of Brighton. It’s a pretty informal affair. Children welcome. Bring along something to sup, and a game if you fancy. We’ll provide cake. Rumour has it there may be a supersized canvas and paints, for your creative pleasure.

Upcoming workshops


Learn to Code – Weds 29th May

Demystify the Web! Learn to code and build websites and web apps. From scratch. In a day. Even if you’ve never written or seen a line of code before.

Future dates: 10 Jul, 7 Aug, 11 Sept

JavaScript from Scratch – Weds 24th July

Get started with the JavaScript programming language, to add interactivity to websites and create browser-based web apps.

Future dates: 18 Sept

Building Data Visualisations with D3 – Weds 3rd July

Learn how to create interactive data visualisations for the web, using the JavaScript toolkit, D3.

Future dates: 25 Sept

Creative With Money – Thurs 4th July

Learn to split a restaurant bill amicably. And at least seven other valuable lessons about working creatively with money.

Future dates: 1 Aug, 5 Sept

Community events


Async is now at the Lab, with talks and meetups twice a month on JavaScript and related tech. On Thurs 23rd May, it’ll be Async’s third birthday, and we’re hosting a Show n’ Tell of 5-minute lightning talks.

Watch this space.

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