How to Save the World and Succeed in Business

How to Save the World and Succeed in Business

We ran an interactive workshop at BarCamp Brighton: "How to Save the World and Succeed in Business". This is the perennial question for Dharmafly, and instead of telling anything, we wanted to get the answers from the crowd…

Mind Maps

We split people into groups and got everyone . Each group had a sheet with ‘How to Save the World‘ written in the centre and another sheet with ‘How to Succeed in Business‘. On each sheet, with limited time, people wrote down related concepts and then connected them together…

Venn Diagram

There often seems to be a conflict between running a thriving business and working in an ethical way. Much of our society is cut-throat and ruthlessly capitalistic. But we found that many practices complement both needs and there is a common desire for collaboration, integrity and taking an ethical approach.

The future looks bright…

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