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Season's Greetings
(Hint: Take a closer look)

To all the beautiful people we’ve worked with over the past year… to all our readers and contributors, family, friends, peers and, well, everybody else…

Have a sumptuous Christmas (or Winter Solstice, or what have you) and an inspirational New Year. Be well, be great and be here with us again in 2009.

Big Love,

I is for iPhone

iPhone apps shown above (l-r):

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  1. Great stuff Prem – truly original! Happy new year to you and all at Dharmafly :-)

  2. Cheers Mark. And an auspicious 2009 to you and those Ribots.

  3. I’ve downloaded several of these now – Thanks :) I almost downloaded iLove but … in the end … it was just too cheesy. Did you?

  4. Madhavaji: Actually, iLove (and the many similar apps) seems pretty pointless, since you can assign any phone number as a “favourite” – and “favourites” are likely to be more readily accessible than any single-use app such as this.

    Of the apps shown, I only really use Last.fm, Facebook and (less often) hContacts. I find Twiterfon more enjoyable than Hahlo for Twitter (though Tweetie looks interesting). And the other apps in the photo – well, they were just for the photo, though some of them look like they could potentially be interesting.

  5. very good idea, continue on this way man.

  6. Good list of applications!

  7. average

    excellent. that was a good idea. Having icon letters in an iPhone. Great

  8. Amy

    Great stuff Prem – truly original! Happy new year to you and all at Dharmafly :-)

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