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Just Different & Dharmafly

We’ve been doing some exciting work with Just Different, a UK charity who promote disability awareness and .

Introducing Just Different

Founded by Toby Hewson, a young man with , Just Different focus on educating the future leaders of our society. They provide in-school workshops on disability and difference, along with recruitment opportunities for young disabled people. They also act as disability advisers to teachers, parents and organisations.

There are over 10 million disabled people in Britain alone, and discrimination is commonplace. However, Just Different’s message is framed firmly in the positive – “Disabled people can do everything that everyone else does, they just do some of those things a little differently”.

The Launch

Toby's Workshop Demonstration

We recently attended the Just Different launch party, where Toby gave a live workshop demonstration to a group of local school-children. Using a sophisticated wheelchair to get around and a voice synthesiser for communication, he delivered the workshop with humour and charm. Hearing about his day-to-day life was both moving and enlightening for us. It gave us a touching appreciation for the challenges and triumphs that Toby and others undergo on a daily basis.

Toby embodies the Just Different message by fully engaging with life, and is a great inspiration to us. We’re proud to be working with the team to create their website, print media and campaigns. They’re a really bright organisation, actively and sincerely committed to positive social change. We wish them all success.

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  1. kelly

    nice work …. nice piccy too mr b !

  2. Well, we have come along way since our launch. Bookings for workshops on disability in Primary schools in the South East in the early part of 2008 has now reached a staggering 70 sessions. We are fully booked until end of March. We urgently require more young disabled adults to present workshops on disability in schools, so that we can meet demand. As a role model to very young children this is an exciting and fun job, visiting schools bringing awareness to children about how you live your life with a disability – a life which is like theirs but just different!

  3. kerri

    26 June 2008

    I really enjoy seeing you at Tolworth Juniors!!!! I thought it was great fun and I learnt a lot I would love do it again!!!!

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