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Bitnotes #2

Some bitnotes of these times… The JavaScript Jungle As part of the Brighton Digital Festival, we organised two “hack nights” at our ‘Async’ JavaScript meetup group. Async is an open community of JavaScript enthusiasts, with sessions twice a month at The Skiff in Brighton.

JS1K: Phi

Demo: Code: Way back, in the dark, distant past – long before the days of the interwebs and cellular telephones – programmers were limited to a mere 1 kilobyte of computer memory for their programmes. Every single character in a computer programme, every dot and semicolon mattered. What if we only had 1KB […]

Wishing You a…

(Hint: Take a closer look) To all the beautiful people we’ve worked with over the past year… to all our readers and contributors, family, friends, peers and, well, everybody else… Have a sumptuous Christmas (or Winter Solstice, or what have you) and an inspirational New Year. Be well, be great and be here with us […]

Live! We’re Tracking a Big Bus with the BBC

URL: Excitingly, not long after we built the award-winning Bangladesh River Journey mini-site for the BBC World Service, we were asked for another helping of social media expertise. What is it? Talking America is a trail-blazing social media campaign that we’re proud to have worked on. This time, it’s a live site that tracks […]

Happy Holidays

Goodwill and loveliness to all our friends, colleagues, clients and peers. It’s been a truly transformational year. Can’t wait to see what 2008 has in store…

Yoga and the Social Graph

We gave a 30 minute session at BarCamp London called "Yoga and the Social Graph: from smoke-signals to self-realisation"… We discussed the ever-increasing trend for expansion and connection within society. This is now stronger than ever with the progress from the Internet (a network of interconnected computers), to the Web (a network of interconnected documents), […]

Just Different

We’ve been doing some exciting work with Just Different, a UK charity who promote disability awareness and social inclusion. Introducing Just Different Founded by Toby Hewson, a young man with cerebal palsy, Just Different focus on educating the future leaders of our society. They provide in-school workshops on disability and difference, along with recruitment opportunities […]

How to Save the World and Succeed in Business

We ran an interactive workshop at BarCamp Brighton: "How to Save the World and Succeed in Business". This is the perennial question for Dharmafly, and instead of telling anything, we wanted to get the answers from the crowd…


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