Cutting edgyness

We’ve won awards for our innovative projects from Yahoo!, the BBC, Sony and UnLtd.

Hack LondonOpen Hack 2009: People's ChoiceWebby AwardsUnltdWorld BricSony Radio Academy AwardsOpen Hack 2009: Best in Show

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We’re at one with the web. We’re always watching where fresh possibilities are sprouting and growing. The web is now real-time, location-aware, multi-screen, mobile, in html5 and fundamentally open. We know when to pick the right tools for the right projects, but never use technology just for the sake of it.

Apps for change

We’re thinkers, researchers, designers and builders. We create web applications that benefit people and their communities.

Our apps bring new opportunities, helping people to make the most of their lives by collecting, organising and sharing on the web.

Web apps come in all shapes and sizes: from large-scale interactive websites, to the tiniest of widgets. We like stretching the possibilities.

Much of our work involves:

  • designing and building bullet-proof apps
  • researching and inventing prototypes
  • creating technology that’s fit-for-purpose, not shoe-horned-for-purpose
  • solving challenging social and technical problems
  • creating data visualisations, aggregations, maps and distributed content

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In the community

We believe in empowering people with new skills and creating new grassroots communities.

In 2010, we created Async – a popular web technology meetup group, with sessions running twice a month in Brighton & Hove.

In 2012, we established the Lab for the Recently Possible – a venue for experimental technology events and collaborative workspace.

Big impact collaborations

It’s easy to do good work when the core concept is strong and the mission can make a real impact.

For example, Dharmafly has been working with the BBC World Service since 2007 on a collection of applications that help them reach out to their community with world news, involve them in conversations and convey complex issues with neat visual interfaces.

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Don’t be a stranger

Do get in touch to tell us about your project and how we might help out. Be sure to check out our blog (you can subscribe to it by email or by feed), or follow us on Twitter. Speak to you soon.