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3-2-1, Blast Off to Planet Crunchy

URL: Planet what? ‘Planet‘ sites are a new and wonderful way to draw people with common interests together online… and today is the day we get to demonstrate how. What’s all this green stuff? This weekend, at Barcamp Brighton3, we’re giving Brighton’s best New Media pros some special treats, in the form of Dharmafly […]

Who Needs Copywriters?

There’s an area of web development that often gets overlooked. The design may be fantastic, the technology cutting edge and the subject very worthy – but it is also essential that the message is loud and clear, and simple to follow. Before our designers and programmers get busy on a web project, we often work […]

The Power of Blogs

Blogs are powerful tools when it comes to getting your message out there and stirring up a conversation about your cause. Recently,  The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) asked us to work with them to develop a social media initiative, and this included setting up a series of blogs. What did they need a blog […]

Bangladesh River Journey Wins Industry Awards

The Bangladesh River Journey, a BBC World Service project to track climate change, for which we built the interactive mini-site, has recently received two prestigious awards. These awards recognise the innovative way that the project brought social media reporting on important global issues into an engaging user-experience.

Social Innovation Camp

Social Innovation Camp was a rollercoaster! From the very first evening, when the delegates gathered at the Young Foundation in London, there was a perceptible buzz in the air… The crowd was a heady mixture of web developers, designers, entrepreneurs and people with all sorts of skills. Although coming from different angles, everyone seemed to […]

Goo Music

URL: Goo Music are a vibrant, young band management company in London. They manage The Subways, a high-energy band who are currently putting together the final touches to their second album and are about to launch a world tour. We’ve created a distinctive website for the business, in the style of a one-page fanzine […]

YLiveGroups: Live Video at BarcampBrighton2

This weekend is BarcampBrighton2, a grassroots technology conference organised and run by the participants. Over the last couple of days, we’ve been piecing together a special Greasemonkey userscript for the conference, which enables Yahoo Live users to broadcast live video as a group. We call it YLiveGroups. » Install the script We first used Yahoo […]

Social Compost: Liberate Your Peelings!

I’ve submitted “Social Compost” as a project proposal to Social Innovation Camp. SI Camp is a grassroots conference, where social entrepreneurs and web developers get together to help each other out. A number of great ideas have been submitted, a few of which will be selected for the event. My idea is to connect local […]

UnLtdWorld Launch

We were happy to have attended Tuesday’s launch of UnLtdWorld, a social networking site for social entrepreneurs. UnLtdWorld brings together people and businesses who make a difference in the world and connects them with potential co-workers and supporters. It aims to be a hot-bed for collaboration, the sharing of services and the pooling of resources.


This weekend was SemanticCampLondon (alt) – a grassroots conference of semantic web developers. Semantics is all about meaning – and the idea of the “semantic web” is to use techniques that add greater and greater meaning to web content. The intention is for computers – as well as humans – to “understand” something of the […]