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Our Workshops & Hack Nights for the Brighton Digital Festival

Christmas #25

Creative With Money

Thurs 5th September

Money is a mirror that takes whatever we project on it. We all have our own stories about what money is like, and these usually reflect our self-beliefs. In this half-day workshop, we’ll explore how to change our relationship with money and work with it more creatively. Taught by Charles Davies.

Crucial for founders, freelancers and money-users everywhere.

Learn to Code

Weds 11th September

Learn to code and build websites and web apps. From scratch. In a day. Even if you’ve never written or seen a line of code before. By the end of the day, everyone will have built a fun little web app, with plenty of scope for experimentation and customisation. Taught by Tom Parslow, Pete Goodman and Premasagar Rose.

Ideal for designers, producers, team managers and anyone who wants to get a glimpse of the developer’s world.

Async’s “Nodeventure” Hack Nights

Thurs 12th and 26th September

Come all writers, artists, designers and programmers. We want to create a text adventure game where all players share the world together, moving from room to room and interacting with objects and each other. We’ll need some creative writing, pictures and inspired hacking. All welcome. It’s free and no experience is necessary.

JavaScript from Scratch

Weds 18th September

Get started with the JavaScript programming language, to add interactivity to websites and create browser-based web apps. It’s very hands-on. We’ll learn the fundamentals of the language and the process of programming. In the afternoon, we’ll build our own interactive web app, including the use of Ajax to load data, HTML5 geo-location and JavaScript libraries like jQuery and Google Maps. Taught by Tom Parslow, Pete Goodman and Premasagar Rose.

This is designed for those who use HTML and CSS, or possibly a different programming language, and who might have seen but never learned the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Pablo: the Launch

Fri 20th September

A free event to get a glimpse at Pablo, a new tool by Premasagar Rose for creating crisp, interactive drawings and animations for the web. It is a small JavaScript library for building user interfaces, data visualisations, responsive graphics and games. Techies and non-techies alike are welcome.

Copywriting for the Web

Mon 23rd September

Discover the fundamental principles of copywriting for the web in this hands-on workshop. Throughout the day we will be doing practical tasks and creative exercises to help you construct healthy web copy for your business. The workshop will show how to structure your message carefully and keep your audience’s attention. Taught by Ellen de Vries.

Building Data Visualisations with D3

Weds 25th September

Learn how to create interactive data visualisations for the web, using the JavaScript toolkit, D3. We’ll learn how to connect a set of data with the visual elements used to display it on-screen, and how to manipulate the display as the user interacts with it. This can be used for charts, dashboards, data journalism, analytics and storytelling. Taught by Peter Cook.


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