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What’s Green and Goes to BarCamp?

.|-|a|>|>y Fr0g. (by .sandhu)

We’re proud to be a mini-sponsor of Brighton’s upcoming BarCamp, a revolutionary indoor-conference-camping-type event that’s enjoying growing cult status around the world.

What’s Barcamp?

Essentially it’s a philanthropic grassroots event, run by the community for the community (in this case, Brighton’s New Media and technology community). It’s an opportunity to share expertise, make contacts and learn lots of things that you never knew you wanted to know.

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Who Needs Copywriters?

saturated writing (by tnarik)

There’s an area of web development that often gets overlooked. The design may be fantastic, the technology cutting edge and the subject very worthy – but it is also essential that the message is loud and clear, and simple to follow.

Before our designers and programmers get busy on a web project, we often work on the “” of the content, to help our client’s message shine through.

In this blog post, Leif Kendall talks about what he does as a professional copywriter and how copywriting can help your organisation or business to communicate, persuade and sell.

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