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The Power of Blogs

Mic (by billaday)

Blogs are powerful tools when it comes to getting your message out there and stirring up a conversation about your cause. Recently,  The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) asked us to work with them to develop a social media initiative, and this included setting up a series of blogs.

What did they need a blog for?

One of their initiatives was aimed at empowering professionals who work with deaf children to blog about hot topics and contentious issues that NDCS are not able to comment on themselves, because they’re an impartial charity.

We worked with NDCS to develop a number of blogs on the community blogging site, wordpress.com.  Then we created a marketing campaign to attract professionals to come and use it.

How do you promote the power of blogs?

For the campaign, we needed to come up with a short and sweet definition of what a blog is. It went like this:

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