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The browsers Chrome and Opera support UserScripts natively. For Firefox, use Greasemonkey. For Safari, use GreaseKit. For Internet Explorer, use GM4IE.

Note that AllSizes versions before v2 all required Firefox + Greasemonkey.

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v1 (28-8-2006):
• Basic features - changes HTML on All Sizes page

v1.01 (20-10-2006):
• Bug-fix: Now displays correct src for original sizes that are gifs or pngs

v1.1 (01-11-2006):
• The whole pop-up paradigm is introduced!

v1.101 (01-11-2006):
• Bug fix: Image notes can now be moved after the pop-up is opened

v1.102 (03-11-2006):
• Now supports BB Code
• Bug fix: Now gets the correct width and height for photos that have been rotated by the owner.
• Bug fix: When you change the title for one of your photos and then open the pop-up, you will now get the updated title.
• Bug fix: The auto-updater now checks every day, as it should have done before!

v1.11 (04-11-2006):
• The script now makes less assumptions when looking on the page for information, such as the photo title and owner username. This should help avoid clashes with other scripts.

v1.111 (08-11-2006):
• In the Code panel of the pop-up, the 'View Image' and 'AllSizes Page' buttons can now be right-clicked to show the browser's context menu - in case you want to open the link in a new tab or window.
• Added support for Attribution-NoDerivs license.
• Fixed bug in recognising users who have the default Flickr buddyicon.
• Fixed bug that prevented the script working when not logged in.

v1.112 (05-12-2006):
• If the AllSizes page has been disabled for a photo, the AllSizes icon in the pop-up becomes faded and not clickable.
• When comments have been disabled for a photo, the 'Add a comment' link no longer appears.
• Fixed bug in getting the dimensions for some non-Pro photos, which had been accidentally introduced when 'cleaning up the code' on a previous release.

v1.113 (07-12-2006):
• Little bug fix relating to the AllSizes icon.
• Auto-update check now gets around Greasemonkey's cacheing by always ensuring the latest version of the script is available.

v1.114 (21-12-2006):
• Flickr has added new image servers, which broke the script. Now fixed.
• Added support for additional user id formats.

v1.115 (23-01-2007):
• Bug fix: Now recognises usernames that end with 's'!
• No longer adds AllSizes button where the photo owner's settings had disabled it.

v1.116 (23-08-2007):
• A change to Flickr's scripting resulted in the AllSizes pop-up quickly disappearing. Now fixed.

v1.117 (23-08-2007):
• A bug introduced during the previous update prevented double-clicking on the AllSizes button to show the AllSizes page. Now fixed.

v1.118 (25-08-2007):
• A bug introduced during the previous update introduced a problem with accessing the 'Add to Set' and 'Send to Group' buttons. Now fixed.

v1.119 (24-09-2007):
• New code on the Flickr site required a script update.

v1.12 (07-02-2008):
• HTML on the Flickr photo page had changed. Script updated to handle this.
• Links to Creative Commons licenses now given in the language registered to your account.
• The Flickr server 'farm' is now included in each image src url.
• The link to the 'Original' size is temporarily disabled, while the original size is not recognised.

v1.121 (07-02-2008):
• Works again when viewing photos by users who have not uploaded their own buddy icon. There had been a change in the buddy icon url structure.

v1.122 (07-02-2008):
• Flickr's HTML for the AllSizes button changed, breaking the script. Now fixed.

v1.123 (21-02-2008):
• Bug fix: Photo buttons no longer split on to two lines, for ones own photos.

v1.124 (11-04-2008):
• Updated code in line with Flickr HTML changes.

v1.2 (02-05-2008):
• Supports original sizes again!
• Clicking the AllSizes button when the pop-up is open will close it.
• The Documentation and About panels have been updated.
• BBCode now includes line breaks.
• The original Flickr 'All Sizes' page is now left untouched.
• Anonymous usage stats are collected (can be turned off - see here)
• The AllSizes+ title in the pop-up is now a handy link to this discussion thread.
• A 'Donate' button has been added to the About panel. Go on... make my day!

v1.3 (10-06-2008):
• Adds AllSizes button *if* you 'Allow Downloads' on your own Flickr account
• Fixes change to Flickr site on 'All Rights Reserved' photos
• Supports Flickr's international languages
• BB Code has line breaks removed (again)

v1.4 (05-07-2008):
• Video stills can now be accessed with AllSizes button
• AllSizes button now always added (but won't include Original size if owner has restricted access)
• "No known copyright restrictions" license now supported
• Copy To Clipboard now working in Firefox3

v1.41 (06-07-2008):
• Fixed bug in downloading / copy to clipboard

v1.42 (06-07-2008):
• Fixed bug on videos available to Friends & Family

v1.43 (07-07-2008):
• Fixed bug on private videos

v1.44 (10-07-2008):
• Fixed bug for accessing videos with Firefox 3 on Mac OSX, plus a few other internal improvements.

v1.5 (09-01-2009):
• Updated to work with new Flickr HTML
• Fixed bug with Download button (re-opening pop-up after clicking download button would re-initiate the download)
• Fixed bug on stats pages (now excluded from stats pages)

v2.0.0 (03-08-2010):
• AllSizes v2 released for new Flickr website interface.

v2.0.1 (14-08-2010):
• 'Grab the image' menu option no longer shown on video pages.